Before the wedding

During the wedding

After the wedding

Do we get to know each other first?

Yes, I highly recommend a sit down to get to know you personally, if the distance allows it. Otherwise, I suggest you video chat. This is the only way we can find out whether we fit together and whether the chemistry between us is right.

Do you have any tips for us?
What should we pay attention to when planning a wedding?

In a personal conversation I will go into all the important things that are important to us photographers, but I would also be happy to advise you on other wedding service providers. I would like to share my experiences of the last few years with you. You will also receive a Wedding Guide with lots of tips and inspiration for your big day in the welcome package after booking.

I want you to trust me and be able to relax and look forward to the wedding. Which equipment do you use?

I am on the road for you with multiple professional, high-quality full-frame cameras (Sony) and other various high-speed lenses. In any case, I always have a backup ready. So, you can completely rely on me and relax.
I have secondary photographers who joins me on client’s request, at an additional cost.

We’ve never done a couple shoot before. Do you also offer engagement shoots?

Even if you’ve never stood in front of the camera together, please don’t worry! However, in order to make you feel a little more secure, I offer a free pre-shooting with me for my full-day package. You are welcome to use these pictures for save-the-date, invitation cards or for decoration purposes on the wedding day. Afterwards you will feel prepared for the big day and you will know what is important in the shooting and how I work.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

After the contract has been signed by mutual agreement, a deposit of 40% of the total price is due. After receiving this appointment reservation fee, the appointment is permanently booked for you. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the wedding.

Do we have to reckon with additional costs, such as travel costs?

I don’t charge any travel cost within 30kms of Melbourne. Beyond that, I charge $0.75 per km driven and check individually whether one or two overnight stays are necessary. (An overnight stay is usually necessary from a distance of 200km.) A simple Airbnb double room is perfectly sufficient for this.

We are considering getting married abroad and would like to have you with us? Would that work for you?

Very gladly! I’ll see if timing suits me. I will then be happy to send you a non-binding offer with the costs involved (travel expenses, accommodation). I would be happy to accompany you abroad.

What do we do when it rains?
Is the shooting now in the water?

Rain is said to bring luck, blessings and money on the wedding day, but no couple really wants rain on this day. However, rainy weather can have a very special charm. In case of heavy rain, we should have thought about plan B in advance, just in case. We will discuss all of this in the preliminary talk. There are many possibilities for a bridal couple shooting despite the rainy weather. Don’t worry!

Can we book additional hours on the day of the wedding?

Naturally! If you would like me to be there longer than planned on the wedding day, just talk to me. The hourly prices in my price list then apply.

Shall we include you at dinner?

Since I work many hours for you with all-day packages, it would be great if you would plan me in this regard so that I can strengthen myself for the rest of the evening. It is not absolutely necessary to get a seat with your guests. It would only be important that I can strengthen myself briefly, sit down and rest before the party really starts.

How long does the bridal couple shooting last?

Please plan in about 1 hour for the shooting. The shooting location shouldn’t be too far away so that we don’t lose a lot of time. WHERE and WHEN we shoot, we’ll discuss in advance! I would be happy to advise you on this.

Do we have to do anything special on the wedding day?

For you it means celebrating and enjoying to the fullest! We discussed everything important in advance, we know the schedule well. As an observer, I remain discreetly in the background and, if necessary, contact your contact person (e.g. best man), who we have agreed on together in advance, if I have any questions.

Can we take group pictures too?

Yes, I will also discuss this with you in advance. We will arrange a list of the most important group constellations that you have considered in advance. It is best to appoint a specific person who will take over the coordination of the group constellation and who knows all the guests relatively well. Thus, group pictures doesn’t take up too much time, and you ultimately have more time to celebrate with your guests.

When do we get the pictures after the wedding?

It takes about 4-6 weeks until you receive the finished pictures from me, nicely arranged to your personalised online gallery.

Do we get all the pictures you took, including the RAW files?

No, please trust me! I carefully select the best offs from the many thousands of photos. Depending on the package you booked, you will receive around 50-75 photos per hour photographed. In a 10-hour package, there are often up to 750 photos, of course all edited in my style. I don’t give out RAW files as a matter of principle. After all, you book me because you like my style of editing and trust me in the process.

Do you also offer photo books or canvas prints?

Of course, you can sit back and relax or enjoy your honeymoon. On request, I will take care of the printed album and the design for you at an additional cost. I’ll send you a PDF to check so that you can approve it before it goes to print. You can also order more books from me, e.g. as a gift for your parents, or also canvases.

How do our guests get the resulting pictures?

After I’ve finished editing, I’ll provide you with a password-protected personalised online gallery with a client password and a guest password. Your guests can also download their favourite pictures. This means that your beautiful celebration will be remembered by your guests for a long time.

We are so proud of our pictures! Can we post them on social networks?

Naturally, I am very happy and honoured if you would like to share the pictures with your friends on social networks. However, please make sure to name or link me as the author.