Hi, I’m Samadhi

Wedding & lifestyle photographer


Welcome to my homepage

My name is Samadhi De Silva. I’m a photographer, father, traveller, and a hiker and I’m here to tell your story. I found photography through my travel and played with a camera for more than a decade, and I love it for its capacity to freeze moments in time, to document love in all of its wild and wonderful forms.

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of accompanying countless couples in the happiest moments of their lives and helping to turn moments – even if they are just fractions of a second – into unforgettable memories.

Looking back, the years that I played with the camera laid the foundation for developing the high recognition value in my editing and my style of photography, which I am proud of today. I learned a lot about picture composition, light and shadow and trained my eye for aesthetics.

Nature is my inspiration

I grew up in palm-fringed southern coast of Ceylon, where a sandy beach is lined one after another and finally came to Melbourne where I call home now for nearly two decades.

I love nature, forests, hiking trails and the countryside. I’ve been lucky enough to explore this beautiful country over the years and travel to so many parts of the world, where my love for photography began.

the camera

I am a father to an adorable toddler, a loving husband, a car lover and a photography fanatic. As soon as I have my camera in hand, I feel completely in my element.
For me, photography is more than just pointing a camera. I am dedicated to process. From capturing the quiet intimate moments happening between a couple to amplifying that moment with thoughtful editing. Powerful and memorable imagery deserves meticulous tending through every step.

From day one, the editing process has been equal parts sacred and magic. I have invested an uncountable number of hours creating and fine-tuning processes that would give me the aesthetic I envisioned for each photo to compliment every session I shot.